The 23rd annual New Music Festival

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The creative seed of this year’s festival is  the relationship between Pierre Boulez,  reflecting the deep rooted contemporary  traditions in Europe, and Frank Zappa, the  American maverick and iconoclast, who  began the process of breaking down genres  of all types.

It is from this new location in music that we  go “beyond,” into the diverse new pathways  of music today from Arvo Pärt and Valentin  Silvestrov, to Jonny Greenwood and Owen  Pallett, from Glenn Branca and Phil Kline, to  Max Richter and Colin Stetson.

— Alexander Mickelthwate,
Music Director, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra


NMF Brochure

The NMF brochure provides a quick glance at all of the great performances during the festival. This brochure is the easiest way to familiarize yourself with the festival, and to get yourself ready for what’s to come.

NMF Overture

The NMF Overture provides a comprehensive look of the entire festival. Contained in this book are the musician biographies, interviews, the performance repertoire and the other great content you expect in our Overture!

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